How to Mirror an Image in PowerPoint 2010

If you need to mirror an image in PowerPoint then you can achieve this task easily by using the Rotate options under Format menu. Let’s see a real example. For this example we have used a soccer ball on the grass that was taken in a trip to Brazil (you can download this soccer photo for free, too). Let’s start inserting the image or photo into the slide and then duplicate the photo. Now we are ready to mirror the image in PowerPoint.

Go to Format menu under Picture Tools and look for Rotate button. Now, click on flip horizontally to mirror the image.

You can mirror any image using the flip options. Notice that you can also mirror an image vertically or horizontally.

We have learned how to mirror an Image in PowerPoint 2010 so now you can try it yourself, but if you need more information you can learn how to apply mirror effect in PowerPoint that cover similar topics.

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