How to Make Ghost Illustrations in PowerPoint 2010 for Halloween

Halloween is synonymous of witches, ghosts andĀ pumpkins, so if you need to make a Halloween presentation here we will show you how to do it using shapes. Shapes are a powerful feature in PowerPoint 2010 that enables us to make awesome slide designs. We can do lot of things with shapes, for example apply set operations like union, subtract, or apply other styles and effects like shadows, gradients, border colors, etc.

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How to design a Ghost Shape in PowerPoint 2010 for Halloween using Freeform

We can start creating your funny ghost image by using the freeform shape drawing tool. Go to Insert -> Shapes -> Freeform.

Ghost Illustrations

Now, start drawing the shape of the ghost. You can do this using your art skills or if you are not good drawing by hand then you can copy and paste an image with a ghost shape from Google Images and then trace in PowerPoint. The ghost image can be found here, for example.

Ghost image

When you are done with the ghost tracing in PowerPoint, you can select the final shape and start applying special effects. In this case we will apply the Glow and Soft Edges to make it more realistic.

Ghost shadow

Then you can also apply a Shadow (right click to enter Format Shape) and choose a shadow style.

Finally, you will need to add the mouth and eyes. You can do this by adding a simple oval shape and then fill it with black color. Duplicate this shape for the eye and mouth and then why not adding a Boo! message.

Ghost PPT template

If you are looking for free Halloween PowerPoint templates and other ghost images for your PowerPoint presentations on Halloween, don’t forget to check our special category with lot of free designs and scary images.

If you don’t feel confident yourself to draw this ghost shape sample, you can still download free cliparts from Microsoft’s Office website. Browse ghost cliparts from the right cliparts pane in PowerPoint and find illustrations like the following.

Ghost Halloween template powerpoint

Moreover, you can ungroup these shapes and modify the illustrations to match other gestures or expressions.

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