How To Make Child Birth Announcement Cards in Word

The birth of your baby is one of the most special times of your family’s life. It is a celebration of life and love. Announcing the birth of your baby has to be as festive to express the love and excitement that you feel. However, it doesn’t need to be complicated. Aside from careful wording, you can use specially designed birth announcement cards such as the ones we have in this article.


Here we will show you how to make child birth announcement cards in Word through the Child Birth Announcement Word Templates below.

Share the Joy of a Baby Boy

A baby is a blessing and nothing can announce the latest blessing you have received than this Baby Boy Birth Announcement Template for Word. This Word Online template is perfect for announcing the birth of a baby boy because of its format and design.

It features a powder blue theme on a solid white background. There is a headline where you can write the name of your baby and underneath are details of the birth such as date, time, weight, and length of the baby. Underneath these details is a huge sample picture that you can replace, of course, with the picture of your new baby or even a picture of your whole family.

This template can also still be used for baby girls by simply changing the design elements such as the font and page background color.

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Twirl and Whirl, It’s A Girl!

Baby girls are indeed cute bundles of happiness and joy. You can share the excitement of having a baby girl to friends and family with a girly birth announcement card.

This Baby Girl Birth Announcement Card Template is a professionally designed template specially designed for announcements of baby girl. It features two cards on each page of standard letter-sized paper, allowing you to economically print as many copies as you need. It also features a white background with a soft, powdery pink theme against a solid white background. This Word Template also contains soft fonts that go well with the occasion.

Additionally, this template can be modified by changing the details on the template. Simply follow the guide to indicate your baby’s name, date and place of birth, weight, and length. If your baby is a boy, or if you’re having multiple babies, you can still use this template by simply tweaking the design elements to suit your preferences.

Both these templates are in Word Online, making it easy to access anytime and anywhere, especially when you’re in the hospital. You can even send these announcements out via social media or email straight from wherever you are.

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