Windows Media

Applications and devices that work with Windows based operating systems and applications such as the Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center, and products that work with the Windows Media Video (WMV) format.

These posts are related to Windows Media services and technologies and associated products, designed for Microsoft’s Windows operating system family.

How to Download Video Backgrounds for PowerPoint Presentations

Sometimes it can be very helpful to add a nice video background to your PowerPoint presentation to make it more realistic and delight your audience with awesome videos and animated PowerPoint presentations. By default, the PowerPoint templates in Microsoft PowerPoint won’t incorporate any video or advanced animation into your slides, unless you add your own …

Edit, Convert & Play WMV On Mac With Flip4Mac

Just because you use Mac doesn’t mean you can elude Microsoft. Many Windows users use various media players and workarounds for playing MOV files, such as by using the QuickTime player for Windows. However, when it comes to playing WMV files on a Mac computer, you might find yourself in a bit of a conundrum. While …

Videos .mov QuickTime in PowerPoint

Quick Time Video Maker Format

Digital movies that use the QuickTime technology (.mov videos) can be inserted into PowerPoint presentations as well as Apple Keynote presentations. During a presentation, the QuickTime movie added to an individual slide can be played directly from the slide or displayed using the QuickTime Player itself, which makes it very convenient for presenters who need …