How to Add Simple Matrix in PowerPoint 2010

Matrix in PowerPoint can be useful for many different purposes, especially if you are preparing a PowerPoint presentation for your algebra presentation in the classroom. Even if you can add Math functions and formulas in PowerPoint using Equation Editor, there are some simple alternatives if you need to show a simple algebra matrix. This procedure will show you how to insert a Matrix in PowerPoint using tables.

How to Add Simple Matrix in PowerPoint 2010

First, you can start drawing a simple table. For this example we will add a 3×3 table, but you can choose the matrix size that you need.

algebra matrix powerpoint

The default table will use a special styling for tables. You may be interested to remove any style, and then leave the white background. This will be useful to represent a simple algebra matrix in PowerPoint with no background.

matrix ppt

Then you can add the brackets. In PowerPoint 2010 we can use the brackets shape.

download matrix

Finally, duplicate the bracket and flip it horizontally to close the matrix. In the example below we can see the final matrix converted from a simple table. You can add a textbox with the matrix name A = if you want.

matrix math functions

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