How To Add Audio To A Presentation in PowerPoint 2013

Adding audio to a PowerPoint presentation can come in handy for making your slides more vibrant, e.g. by providing the audience something more than just visual aid. In what is to follow, we will show you how to add audio in PowerPoint 2013, using various methods.

Methods For Adding Audio in PowerPoint 2013

Before moving on to the guide, it is advised to save your PowerPoint file in PPTX format. This will ensure that the added audio works correctly, as using the older PPT format transform your audio to image format. To get started, open PowerPoint, go the slide you wish to add the audio to, head over to the Insert tab and select Media –> Audio. This will provide you with three options for adding audio to PowerPoint.

Insert Audio in PowerPoint 2013

Add Online Audio

Once you select Audio from the Insert tab, one of the options that shows up allows you to search for audio online using keywords. Using this option you can search and add audio from

Add Online Audio in PowerPoint

Insert Audio From Your PC

This is perhaps the best option for adding audio to slides, as you can simply insert an audio file from your computer. The supported audio formats in PowerPoint 2013 are: Mp3, Mp4, Mp4a, WAV, WMA, AIIF, AU and MIDI.

Add Audio From Your PC

Record and Insert Audio

The third option to add audio in PowerPoint 2013 is to record audio from your microphone.

Record And Insert Audio

Tip: Once audio has been inserted to your slide, switch to Slide Show mode to try it out by playing the audio from within the slide. This might help you identify if there are any lags or potential issues to watch out for.

How To Insert Audio in PowerPoint Slides

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