Free Statement Of Work Template For Word

Want to impress your client with your new contract or be the best in a bid for an assignment? A professional looking and impressive Statement of Work is just for you. It doesn’t matter whether you already bagged a contract or are still in the process of wooing a big client; you have to create a great and convincing Statement of Work to further your business relations and get more contracts coming your way, as well as retain the ones that you already have.

Professional-looking Statement of Work Template

The Microsoft Office portal has many Statement of Work templates, among countless numbers of business templates. However, this Free Statement of Work Template for Word that we are going to review in this post is one-of-a-kind. Part of the professionally eye-catching Red Design Set, the Free Statement of Work Template for Word includes appropriate instructions for how to complete all the information your clients will need for a project.

So What is a Statement of Work Anyway?

A Statement of Work, according to Wikipedia, “is a formal document that captures and defines the work activities, timeline and deliverables the vendor must execute in performance of specified work for a client. It usually includes detailed requirements and pricing, with standard regulatory and governance terms and conditions.”

Wonderfully Organized Information

The term itself or the definition may sound simple but not many vendors or suppliers have a hard time getting the Statement of Work right. The Free Statement of Work Template for Word is the instant answer to well-written and concise Statement of Work.

Create a Professional Document in a Snap

This Free Statement of Work Template for Word is a very useful and easy-to-use template. The Statement of Work Template already contains the information you need to fill out. This Word Template also contains tips on the type of content you need to put into the document.

Streamlined and Uniform Red Design Set

This Free Statement of Work Template for Word contains spaces for the Company Name, Address and Logo as part of the Letterhead. It also contains the Date of the contract, Services Performed By, Services Performed For, Performance Period, Engagement Resources, Scope of Work, Deliverables, Contractor Responsibilities, etc. With the Word Template already ready and organized in a logical and detailed manner, you can be sure that everything about the project or contract is covered.

Impress your clients with this Free Statement of Work Template for Word and complement this document with other Word templates that are part of the Red Design Set by downloading them from the link given below.

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