Horizontal Process Timeline Template For PowerPoint 2013

For every team leader, manager, project manager, events planner, or anyone who just likes to have their schedules or processes tracked and organized, nothing beats having a great tool handy. Having a timeline or process flow to base your activities on will help ensure that you don’t lose track of your goals or your schedules. You can also ensure that processes, tasks and schedules are followed within the time-frame allotted for it. Thus, no time or resources are wasted. The Horizontal Process Timeline Template for PowerPoint 2013 is the perfect example of this kind of tool.


The Horizontal Process Timeline Template is one of the many free timeline templates for PowerPoint 2013 that provides a clear-cut and visual presentation of timelines or schedules that can be used by any organization for any kind of project.

Professionally Designed For Various Purposes

The Horizontal Process Timeline Template for PowerPoint 2013 is one of the many free PowerPoint templates that are professionally designed to allow users to create a basic project timeline with a widescreen 16 x 9 template that uses the Slice theme.

This PowerPoint template can be used for planning, activation, deployment, events management, project management, and other purposes. The basic design allows it to be versatile while presenting key schedules, processes or information essential for the presentation.


Fully Customizable Template

The Horizontal Process Timeline Template for PowerPoint 2013 is also fully customizable to fit your every presentation purpose, subject or need. You can customize the chevron arrows to type in months, weeks, dates, milestones or key processes. Underneath each of these placeholders, you can add a bulleted list where you can write in more details and information using SmartArt.

You can also change the color of the template to fit your own presentation theme and slide designs.


To download this free Horizontal Process Timeline Template for Microsoft PowerPoint 2013, just go to Office.com.

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