Hiding slides in PowerPoint

Hiding slides in PowerPoint is a good way to skip slides during a slideshow presentation without removing the content. By hiding slides in your PPT presentation you can bypass certain slides from the presentation without the need to delete the slide. This can be very convenient for example if you need to finish the slide design or content in a later stage and is one of the features we have to organize the content in PowerPoint, as we did with grouping and ungrouping slides in PowerPoint.

Why would you ever want to hide slides from your presentations? There are many reasons, for example if you don’t want some content to be visible for your audience.

In order to quick hide a slide in PowerPoint you can choose the slide from the slides list and then right click to display the context menu. Here you can click on Hide Slide, as shown in the image below.

hide a slide in PowerPoint

Alternatively you can open Slide Show tab and click Hide Slide. This will hide the current selected slide or slides from the presentation.

hiding slides powerpoint

When you hide slide in PowerPoint, it doesn’t display while scrolling through the presentation in Slide Show mode.