Free Product Profitability PowerPoint Template

Free Product Profitability PowerPoint Template is a good example on how to make a matrix in PowerPoint or table to compare business units with market attractiveness or product attractiveness. You can download this free product profitability PowerPoint template inspired in the McKinsey model forĀ asset management industry.

Product Profitability PowerPoint Template McKinsey

The McKinsey Matrix template can be used in any other industry when you need to make PowerPoint presentations to show a market attractiveness and decide if the cell is checked, confused or trashed.

Mckinsey Matrix template for assets management

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You can also download Harvey Balls PowerPoint template and combine both templates to make a nice PowerPoint for profitability analysis using Harvey Balls with arrows instead of these pre-made icons (tick, question icon or trash icon). Instead, you can use this McKinsey Matrix template plus Harvey Balls to produce a PowerPoint diagram like the following example:


Product Profitability McKinsey PowerPoint Template (3562 downloads)



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