McKinsey’s Horizons Model in PowerPoint 2010

McKinsey’s Horizons Model is a framework that suggest that every leader should look at their business over three different horizons. These horizons can be listed as short, medium and long horizons. Then, leaders should set their investment priorities based on the expectations for each horizon. You can use this model for product development presentations in PowerPoint or any other presentation on Business Value Modeling, Business Value, Agile PowerPoint templates, or agile coaching.

McKinsey's Horizons Model in PowerPoint 2010

Let’s see an example, imagine that the horizon 1 is all about superior execution so you may consider as a leader to focus investments on scale and efficiency of the business.

Horizon 2 can be the Positional Advantage, so the investment should be focused on becoming a market leader and setting the standards.

Then, Horizon 3 can be the innovation, so investments in this horizon should be focused on the future value contribution by the company. The framework suggest that equal attention should be paid for each individual horizon, but also suggest a set of metrics, talent and capabilities required for each horizon.

You can find a good insight about this framework on the book The Alchemy of Growth: Kickstarting and Sustaining Growth in Your Company. You can also think about this framework in the following terms. The model proposes that horizon 1 features are intended to have an immediate impact in your current financial year, while horizon 2 should have investments which are intended to have impact for the medium term. Then the horizon 3 should have impact in the long term.  There are some diagrams and charts proposed for this model, and here we will show you how to draw these charts in PowerPoint 2010.

McKinsey’s Horizons of Growth Model in PowerPoint 2010

You can start drawing the vertical and horizontal axis for this growth chart.  Then add a curved line for each horizon and if you want to make it hand drawn style then you can add a slight perspective to each horizon of growth. In this case we have used the perspective style with 30 degrees on Y axis.

business development growth

Then, add textboxes under each horizon to represent the horizon number, and the short term, mid term or long term.

Finally, we have the McKinsey’s Horizons Model in PowerPoint 2010 slide.


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