Halloween Flyer Word Template

Halloween is just around the corner and you may be expecting to come to many Halloween parties as well as host one of your own. So if you are looking for a great-looking Halloween flyer that exactly fits the season and can immediately catch the attention of people, then you’ve come to the right place.


The Halloween Flyer Word Template is a wonderfully designed Halloween-themed flyer template that you can use for all your spooky parties. This Word template, though looking professionally designed and eye-catching, is free to download and share as an Office template.

This flyer template features a black and orange color scheme, which is unmistakably channeling all the spooky and exciting trick or treat spirit. It has a big orange background with a predominant image of a full moon, and in it are text inviting people to attend a Halloween Party. All the other elements in this main image all derive the popular symbols of the season, such as the bats and haunted house, in addition to the full moon and the spooky-looking text.


Below this image are the Halloween party details, such as the date and time, venue address, event details, and RSVP details such as name and email or phone.

Furthermore, this template is printer ready so you can easily edit and print as many copies as you need all in one sitting. And because this template is in Word Online, you can also save paper and simply share the Halloween flyer to your friends and colleagues online via social media and email.


You can also keep this template on your OneDrive account so you can always go back to it not only when you need a Halloween flyer but if you have a horror-themed party all throughout the year. As a Word Online template, you can easily access it for editing, modifying or sharing using your mobile devices or any computer.

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