Free Bill of Lading Form Template For Excel

A Bill of Lading is a document issued by a carrier to a shipper of goods. This negotiable document has three purposes: as a receipt for the goods shipped, proof of the contract of carriage, and document of ownership. Among many Excel templates from the Office portal is the Bill of Lading Form Template. This free form template can be prepared in the worksheet or be printed and filled out by hand.

Detailed Bill of Lading Form Template

Prepare an Official Bill of Lading

This Free Bill of Lading Form Template for Excel is a professionally designed template for issuing a receipt and proof of shipping. This template can be prepared in duplicate or triplicate. One copy is to accompany the shipment, another to be retained by the shipper. A third copy may be used by the carrier as proof of delivery.

Create an Official Bill of Lading

This Bill of Lading Template contains a placeholder for your company name and address. It also contains tables where shipping and carrier information is located. It shows Sender and Recipient Addresses, as well as Date a shipment is sent.  A separate table contains Package Information, like Number of Packages, Kind and Description of Package and its content, Weight, and Serial Number.

Detailed Shipping Information

This Bill of Lading Form Template for Excel, like many form templates, allow you to fill in information is specified areas in the template so that you can ensure a well-detailed document.

Printable Bill of Lading Form

This form for Bill of Lading also allows you to specify Shipping Instructions. There is a checkbox for Payment Methods. It also has Shipping Method, Bill No., Shipping Cost, Shipped By, Dept. Charged, as well as signature areas for the company who delivered the shipment and the company that serves as the recipient.

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