Free Meeting PowerPoint Template

Meeting PowerPoint is a nice PPT template for business that you can use to organize and share your own meeting presentations. The slide has a meeting background with businessmen looking at a PowerPoint presentation (they are the audience) and there are two men and two girls. The girl has a laptop and she is typing while the presenter is showing an interesting chart on the panel. There are cup of coffee over the table and the audience is authorized to drink coffee during the presentation time. This can be used for online meetings as well as offline meetings. This is great for business meeting PowerPoint presentations. This template uses a free vector under from vector open stock under Creative Common 3.0 Attribution. This is good for those looking for templates like operating agreement templates or LLC operating agreements templates.

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3 comments on “Meeting PowerPoint Template

  1. why are my powerpoint’s in a different language instead of English. I am having a hard time to convert over to english.

  2. I can’t understand exactly what is the issue. The PowerPoint files are in English. What template are you downloading so we can double check?

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