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Recommendation letters might be required throughout a person’s life; from admission to college, when renting accommodation or when moving to a new job. Below is a simple guide to help you understand how to create or what to look for when asking for a recommendation letter, followed by some letter of recommendation templates.

What is a Recommendation Letter and when is it Needed?

A letter of recommendation is an endorsement for someone’s candidacy. For example, a recommendation letter might be required to join a college or to work in an organization. Many companies require up to 3-5 references, where a recommendation letter may or may not be required from previous employer or supervisor. Likewise you might need a recommendation letter from a previous tenant to endorse you when you are looking to rent accommodation.

Letter of recommendation

How to Write a Recommendation Letter?

A recommendation letter is fairly easy to write. The basic layout includes three steps, i.e. opening text, main body and closing paragraph.

The opening text should include salutation or introduction, (e.g. To Whom It May Concern), a paragraph describing the relationship between you and the candidate.

This should be followed by the main body containing additional details such as the candidate’s strengths, personal characteristics and other relevant details which might be needed or demanded by the recipient. For example, some organizations might have their own guidelines regarding what specific areas they are interested in knowing about from the endorsee.

Finally, the recommendation letter should have a proper closing, with a  brief summary of the previously mentioned details and closing text with formal words like ‘Yours Sincerely’, ‘Best Regards’, ‘Regards’, etc. You can find out more about the do’s and dont’s of writing a recommendation letter and see below templates with samples for making your own recommendation letter.

Recommendation letter

Free Recommendation Letter Templates for Word

The templates below provide sample text and layouts for making your own recommendation letters for various purposes.

1. Letter of Recommendation Template for Word

This is a basic letter of recommendation template for sending positive feedback for a former subordinate, colleague or employee. The template is in Word Online and therefore, you will require logging in using a Microsoft account to use the template. You can either edit this template from your browser or download it offline. This recommendation letter template gives a sample letter format which can be used by replacing the sample text with your name, city, address, contact details, company name and other required information to quickly create a recommendation letter with ease.

This recommendation letter can ideally be used as a letter of recommendation for employment. However, you can also edit it to convert it into a different kind of endorsement letter, say for a tenant who lived in your house on rent or a student you intend to recommend for higher education.

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Letter of recommendation template for Word

2. Student Reference Letter Template for Word

If you need a student reference letter template then this is quite a suitable template for teachers to create recommendation letters for their students. As a teacher you might be asked by several students to endorse them for higher education. In such a case it might be worth using this readymade template than making new letters from scratch. This template contains a sample letter of recommendation for teachers, where all that is required is to fill in the required details to create a standard recommendation letter for a student. You can find out more about this template from our review of this template via the link below.

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Student reference letter template for Microsoft Word Online

3. Graduate School Recommendation Letter Template For Word

This is a template which can be used by teachers to endorse students for graduate school. This is a very handy free template which provides a sample letter within for you to easily create a professional looking graduate school recommendation letter. You can read more about this template and download it for free via the link below.

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Letter requesting graduate school recommendation from teacher

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