Free Human Resource Factors PowerPoint Template

Making a successful human resource strategy doesn’t require imitating but rather tailoring a comprehensive plan that can work for an organization. What might be perfect for a multinational corporation will not necessarily work for a medium size firm or a small business for that matter. The Free Human Resource Factors PowerPoint Template can be used for presenting a human resource plan with various variables explained in an easy to understand layout.

Human Resource Factors Diagrams

This is a simple presentation template with a minimalist layout, listing various essential aspects tied to human resource planning. The first slide in the template gives an editable diagrams which has HR written in the middle, surrounded by various factors listed around it. These include; outsourcing, environmental uncertainties, nature of job, quality of forecasting info, time horizons, type and strategy of organization and org growth cycle and planning.


Highly Customizable Illustrations

The second slide provides a diagram depicting an evenly balanced scale with ‘Can Do Capability’ written on top of the left scale and ‘Will Do Motivation’ written on top of the right scale.


You can also add additional text-boxes to elaborate and customize this diagram, as well as rotate the scales in PowerPoint to change the balance of the scales. You can also use drag and drop to customize the editable slide objects to reorder the scales.


The third slide in the template lists down some ‘Can Do Capability’ and ‘Will Do Motivation’ factors, with a subtle backdrop of the scales amidst overlay text. Interestingly, even the scales in the backdrop are editable and you can rotate or completely remove them according to need.


The editable diagrams make this template extremely flexible for making professional HR presentations, especially ones where you need to discuss a human resource plan and the factors affecting HR decisions.

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