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Martial arts can not only be great for learning self-defense but is also a great tool for learning all about self-control, respect and discipline. In fact, most forms of martial arts by and large teach non-violence and the means to make yourself more at ease. Perhaps the most famous form of martial arts in the world is karate. Being a student of karate myself, I can safely say that it provides not only the means to learn self-defense but is also great for staying in shape, with a lot of exciting aspects of training to make your body stronger and more agile. The Karate PowerPoint Template provides slides with the Mike character, which can help you create presentations about Karate, as well as other topics like business and sales.

The title slide depicts the Mike character executing a flying kick aka Tobi Yoko Geri. Below the illustration is space for adding your presentation title.


Time to Act Tough

While there can be a lot said and presented about karate, ranging from its history tied to Okinawa, sports karate, to the ethics behind the art of the ‘empty hand’; however, this template can also help you discuss about strategies where you need to act tough. For example, you can even use this template to make a presentation where you want to let your subordinates know that there is a dire need to act tough to achieve important goals.


Suitable for All Types of Presentation Topics

The template contains four slides, with one title and three content slides. The content slides come with a neatly crafted grey and blue layout with the Mike character in the flying kick pose. You can drag to reorder the character and even remove the clipart if you like. The last two content slides also provide bullet like icons which you can replace with your own. This is a general-purpose template and can be suitably used with all kinds of presentation topics.

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Overall, the template has a neat looking Karate themed layout which can help you not only discuss the extraordinary art itself but you can even use it for business, sales, marketing and other topics to talk about the need for doing something remarkable.

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