Free Budget Calculator Template For Excel

Businesses, organizations, and households all need to spend their resources wisely. This is to ensure that they do not overspend, or spend more than their income. Having a budget also allows you to allocate your money on what is important and prevent from spending on unnecessary things. With a budget, you can ensure that your money is well spent and you even have enough left for savings. 

Easily Create Your Budget

The Free Budget Calculator Template for Excel is a wonderful tool that anyone can use, whether for their company, department, organization, club, school, team or household. This Excel template allows you to create a realistic budget and adhere to it.

Automate Your Budget Planning and Expenses Reporting

The budget calculator template is specially designed to allow you to easily manage your resources and plan your spendings. And because it is in Excel Online, you can conveniently access and update it anytime and anywhere. Its cloud feature allows you to save it on the cloud and retrieve it anytime through your mobile devices or other computers.

Arrange Your Expenses According to Category

Create Budget Summary and Track Monthly Income and Expenses

The template’s overall design is easy on the eyes, streamlined and organized so you can easily find what you are looking for in the worksheet. The template has two parts, the Budget Summary and the Monthly Income and Expenses. The Monthly Income and Expenses allows you to list your transactions and financial activity as they happen

Using this budget calculator template in Excel allows you to organize your expenses according to categories, as well as record both your expenses and income. The expense categories include Housing, Savings, Insurance, Groceries, Entertainment, School, and many more. This way, you can easily see how much of your income goes to certain types of expenses.

Easily Find Out if You Are Over or Under Your Monthly Budget

You can also see easily if you are about to spend all your income for the month. If you are going to use this for business or your organization, you can easily change the categories to suit your own needs and financial activities.

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