Business Office City Sketch PowerPoint Template

If you are in urban planning, real estate, city engineering, architecture, or any other profession, you may find yourself needing to create a PowerPoint presentation related to a specific city. However, you may be frustrated in searching for a presentation design or even find it tedious to create one for yourself, which may be perfect for your field or profession.

The Business Office City Sketch PowerPoint Template is a business themed template, especially designed to complement your content without distracting your audience. The style is simple yet highly visual yet it allows your content to definitely shine through.

Give Your Own Presentation an Urban Flair

Look Down to the Skyscrapers

This Business Office City Sketch Template features a dark brown sketch over a light green background as the overall theme of the presentation template. On the cover slide, the sketch gives an aerial view of a high-rise city block filled with skyscrapers. Going across the slide is a solid length of the darkest gray shade to make the title and subtitle stand out. Simply click on the place holders to change the sample text for your own.

Choose the Layouts That Best Fits Your Own Presentation

The same goes with the inside slides, where the various layouts also contain various complementing designs that still retain the urban sketch theme. The slides all have sample text and objects to show you how each element fit into each slide simply type in your own text on the placeholders, and insert your own tables, graphs, diagrams, charts, or images.

Look Professional and Corporate

You can rearrange the sample slides in the template to suit your own content and maintain your own presentation’s smooth flow. You can also click on New Slide to add more slide layouts depending on your requirements.

Look Down on Skyscrapers with This Urban Themed Template

This Business Office City Sketch Template has other variants for your own color scheme or brand identity. You can choose the color scheme that you want or customize the template for yourself.

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