Picture With Fly Through 3D Transition Effect Template For PowerPoint

When you are creating a presentation, you not only have to consider your content and information, but how you present it in the best possible way. You should keep in mind the interest of your audience, and they must also be able to retain any information that you impart to them.

The Picture with Fly Through 3D Transition Effect Template for PowerPoint is an awesome, professionally designed template that has stunning transition effects. Despite its usability and design, it is amazingly free, and can be used for different kinds of presentations, whether it is personal, business, corporate, organization, or academic.


This free template contains a versatile black background. Over it are different pictures with a caption statement underneath. Each of the pictures have a Fly Through 3D Transition Effect, which helps emphasize or showcase each image. This effect makes the template perfect for photography or product presentations, or even for events and photo albums. Still, it can be used for business-related presentations, especially for those involved in the tourism, hospitality, retail, manufacturing, and even engineering industries.


The template’s animation allows each of the pictures to fly through and grow in each slide, so each image has enough time to be seen closely by your audience. The caption is written underneath and is effective for describing each image with short words or phrases.

The black background can be changed to suit your presentation theme or preference. Just go to the Design menu in the Ribbon and choose from the many readily available themes. You can also format your own background with gradients, colors, and patterns by going to the Customize option under the Design menu.


Of course, you can customize this template by changing the images on the template, and then you can just click on the captions to type in your own descriptions.

Go to Download Picture with Fly Through 3D Transition Effect Template for PowerPoint

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