Free Balloon Payment Excel Template

Balloon loans can be attractive and preferred type of loans for those looking for something short-term. Balloon loans carry smaller interest rates compared to longer-term loans. You can find a balloon loan payment calculator from the Office portal by opening a new Excel document and searching for balloon loan payment template.

Calculate Your Loan and Plan Your Budget

The Free Balloon Payment Excel Templateallows you to create a quick and easy loan calculator to compute for your monthly payment, total monthly payments, total interest, total amount paid, and balloon payment due.

This loan payment template is compatible for Excel 2003 and later versions. You can use this template to calculate your balloon payment loan. This can be helpful when you are still planning to make a loan, creating your monthly household budget, or is looking for a way to easily pay off your balloon loan.

Easy-to-use Balloon Payment Calculator

This loan payment calculator template for Excel is divided into Assumptions and Key Financial Data. You input vital loan information in the Assumptions portion. This information includes Loan Principal Amount, Annual Interest Rate, Amortization Period in Years, Years Until Balloon Payment.

The Balloon Payment Excel Template is a wonderful tool for automatically calculating your financial data. All you have to do is type in the information in the Assumptions and then see the figures automatically appear on the Key Financial Data portion.

Automatically Compute Loan Data

This template already comes with built-in formula so the computations are automatic, leaving no room for miscalculations or mistakes. Thus, whatever figure you type in will always come up with accurate data, allowing you to use this template as many times as you want anytime you have a balloon loan involved.

Whether you are a lender or the lessor, this template is helpful in making accurate projections and totals.

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