Animated Picture Collection PowerPoint Template

When you create presentations, whether for a progress report, promotion, financial analysis, audit report, training, company profile, business proposal or for any other topic or purpose, it is necessary to make it interesting and interactive. A good presentation should not only be filled with texts but also photos.


With the Animated Picture Collection PowerPoint Template, you can use photos to create a story, emphasize your point, or show your ideas. This picture template for PowerPoint is a professionally designed template containing four slides with three pictures each. This slide template already contains animations and transitions that you can easily copy into your own presentation.


This Animated Picture Collection PowerPoint Template allows you to display your images in an interesting way. The template already comes with animations so all you have to do is to replace the preset pictures with images of your own. Just select each of the preset images and delete it. Then, click on the Picture icon in each of the placeholders (three in each slide to represent each picture), to insert your own images.


You can insert these four pre-made slides into your presentation. The best thing about this template is that it is standard and can be easily customized to fit any presentation theme or topic. Almost any presentation would need photos so this animated picture collection template is absolutely ideal.

You can also use this template for creating picture slide shows and to create a presentation with your cherished photos for sharing it with others, e.g. by uploading your presentation to a service like Slide Online.

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