Free Agile Project Planning Template for PowerPoint

In All About Agile website we found a nice template for PowerPoint presentations that you can use to make presentations for Agile projects. You can download this free agile template normally used to present to senior management to secure funding for the project. Or you can also use the template to present to the project team and share the vision of the project with them.

Free Agile Project Planning Template for PowerPoint

The agile template in PowerPoint is prepared with dummy data but easily you can edit all the slides in PowerPoint. The free agile template is called Project Initiation Presentation or PIO. You can download the template and then check the speaker notes to learn more and get instructions about how to use the free agile PowerPoint template for projects.

Related: You can download a free Agile roadmap template to help presenting an Agile project plan. The free editable agile roadmap template for PowerPoint contains two slides that can help managers and agile project planners to prepare awesome presentations tailored to their audience.

The PowerPoint template has 20 slides and you can customize it to describe the problem and opportunities, the project vision and mission, the benefits for the business and customers, the budgetary costs, the user roles and personas, scope and key features, product roadmap and release strategy. Also you have a section to describe the project structure and project approach.

Agile Template in PowerPoint

When working on an Agile project, the following Project Team Structure diagram with an org chart design can help to describe an hierarchical structure.

agile project org chart structure

Then, another interesting slide is the Key Project Risks with a nice Risk Matrix with colors combining probability with impact and three levels (for more info, check RACI PowerPoint template or Risk PPT).

risk powerpoint

And another good slide inside the template is the Trade-off Decision template diagram that you can customize for your own tradeoff decisions in PowerPoint. This simple tradeoff diagram in PowerPoint uses a matrix with ticks to represent the decisions.

trade off decision diagram

Download free Agile Project Initiation Template for PowerPoint

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