Flowchart Template With Animated Funnel Diagrams

Last updated on April 22nd, 2024

Funnel charts are made to depict the various stages of a sales process whereas a Flowchart can be used for demonstrating different types of processes using very specific symbols. Ina  previous post we showed you what each flowchart symbol represents. Similarly, we have covered a number of awesome Flowchart Templates and Funnel Diagram Templates for PowerPoint. Recently, we came across a template which brings the best of both flowcharts and funnel diagrams.

Flow Chart Funnel Diagram Template for PowerPoint

Flow Chart Funnel PowerPoint Template can perhaps best be described as a hybrid template with animated layouts. This flowchart funnel template for PowerPoint presentations is divided in two sets with click through and automatic loading sequences for slide elements.

Flowchart template with funnel diagram layouts

Click-Through Slide Sequence with Animations

The click-through sequence loads each slide element as you click through to proceed with your slides in Slide Show mode. This sequence contains more than a dozen slides with funnel shaped flow diagrams.

Sample funnel diagram slide

You can of course change each shape within sample layouts to format your diagram slides to correctly represent a process. There are instructions within slides to help you fashion your diagrams. For example, it is stated that you need to delete the steps from bottom up to reduce the steps depicted in sample slides.

You can add and remove shapes and preview them in Slide Show mode to see how they might have adjusted to the sequence.

Add remove shapes in funnel diagram

Automatic Playing Slides

The Automatically playing slides sequence starts from the 20th slide. This sequence provides diagram slides which don’t require a click to load each part of the slide but rather load the entire slide automatically; revealing each slide object one by one.

Automatic playing slides

These slides can help you avoid too many click-throughs when presenting long and complex diagrams and help focus on your presentation. On the contrary, if you need to reveal each step very slowly to keep your audience on-board when explaining a complicated process; the click-through sequence can help you do that.

Funnel diagram slides for PowerPoint presentations

You can preview the animated slides and download this template for PowerPoint and Keynote from Presenter Media.

Go to Presenter Media – Flow Chart Funnel PowerPoint Template (Standard)

Go to Presenter Media – Flow Chart Funnel PowerPoint Template (Widescreen)

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