Free Animated Picture And Caption Sweep PowerPoint Template

In order for you to have a memorable presentation that excites and inspires your audience, you need to be captivating and creative. Animations allow you to catch the attention of your audience with movement in every slide. However, animations must be used sparingly, and they must also be chosen carefully to help tie your ideas together.


When using picture animations, you can use a variety of animation techniques. However, these take up a lot of time and can be an obstruction for you to complete your own presentation as planned. The Animated Picture and Caption Sweep PowerPoint Template can help you create arresting photos and make them more dynamic in your slides.

Captivate Your Audience

This Animated Picture and Caption Sweep PowerPoint Template features adequate use of animation that makes it perfect for presentation titles, subtitles, transition slides, or if you simply want to emphasize a point. It can also be great as a thank you slide at the end of your slideshow.

Whatever you need to use this picture and caption sweep template, you can be sure that your audience will be impressed with its design and subtlety. It is not as flashy as other animated slide templates, making it ideal for many corporate presentations and even events.


Use Custom and Subtle Animations

The template features a full-slide image of the fields and there’s a sweeping animation that replaces or covers one side of the image with a gradient black and grey background. Over this is a sample text, in bold white font. All these can of course be customized so you can insert your own photo and change the color gradient. You can also change the font style and colors, as well as insert your company logo for branding.


The template comes with instructions for customizing the template and for recreating it. These instructions are easy to follow and anyone from basic to advanced users can replicate this template.

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