Stars And Stripes Birthday Card Template For PowerPoint

Birthdays are always exciting times not only for the celebrants but for their families and friends. It’s a time when they all get together and celebrate a special day with food, laughter, fun, and conversations. Therefore, you can also make that day extra special particularly for the celebrant by giving them something personal, heartfelt, and still heartwarming–like a greeting card. The Stars and Stripes Birthday Card Template for PowerPoint is a fun and celebratory template for all birthdays.


Fun Birthday Card for Everyone

This Birthday Card Template for PowerPoint is free to download and easy to use. It is also printer ready so you can have lots of fun with it as you customize and print it to give a card to anyone who has a birthday.

What’s great about this stars and stripes birthday card template is its unisex and universal design. It can suit anyone who has a birthday, whether male, female, child, teenager, grown up, or even elderly. The template has one universal design, fun, which is what everyone can associate with every birthday. Therefore, this template can be an excellent go-to template, especially if you forgot to buy a birthday gift to a family member, friend, acquaintance, or colleague.


Easily Customizable and Print-Ready

The template has two pages. The first one features a fun, whimsical and creative design that has different bright colors and quirky patterns. There are circles, stars, stripes, and squiggly lines. In the middle is a shape overlay that contains “Happy 8th Birthday” which is of course a sample text that you can easily change by clicking on the text and editing it.

Then, on the second page, which is the inside of the birthday card is a message, which can easily be customized so you can type your own heartfelt message. You can also customize this page by changing the font styles and colors of the text, as well as even insert pictures inside.


If you are not so familiar with PowerPoint for creating birthday cards, you can just take a look at the instructions that accompany this template.

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