Export PowerPoint Outline to a Microsoft Word Document

Last updated on March 6th, 2024

Sometimes it is useful to create a Word document from the PowerPoint Outline, especially if we have been working hard to prepare a well-formed PowerPoint template and now we are ready to create a thesis document or just a .doc document explaining what is inside the presentation file. This can be helpful for presenters and educators that need to export the PowerPoint presentation to text format.

Here we will see how to achieve this and export PowerPoint Outline to a Microsoft Word Document.

How to Export PowerPoint Outline to Word?

First, we need to choose File and then click on Save and Send

PPT to Word

Now, select Create Handouts and click on Create Handouts button. This will open a new dialog asking to select an option. Here you can Send To Microsoft Word and choose the Page Layout in Microsoft Word.

How to export PowerPoint to Word

The options available include Notes next to slides, blank lines next to slides, notes below the slides, blank lines below the slides or the Outline only. Click Ok and then choose the output filename.