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Microsoft recently revamped its web app, making it more robust for viewing Office documents. But you don’t need something from a giant like Microsoft to be efficient enough to have better features. In fact, it is often less known services which end up being more feature rich than big guns. DocsPal is a free online converter and viewer which supports dozens of file formats, ranging from MS Office and OpenOffice files to e-book, audio, video, image and archive formats.

  DocsPal online document converter

Convert Office Documents, Images, E-Books, Archives, Videos and Audio Files

Yes, DocsPal is that good! You can use this free online converter to convert PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, mobile and desktop supported media formats, image formats and even your 7Zip, Zip, RAR, Tar, JAR and CAB archives. The below screenshot shows an overview of supported conversion formats by DocsPal.

DocsPal supported conversion formats

Upload or Use a URL to Convert Files for Free

To convert a file simply upload it from your device or use a URL via the Convert Files tab. You can simultaneously convert 5 files and the maximum file size for audio, video and archives is 200MB, whereas the file size limit for images, e-books and documents is 50MB. For the purpose of this post, we will convert a PowerPoint presentation to test drive the features of this web app.


Each selected document reveals relevant file types it can be converted to via the Convert to menu. As you can see, you can convert a PPTX file to HTML5, ODP, PPS, PPT, RTF, XPS and PNG image format.

Convert PPTX file

Once your file has been converted, click the file name to download it offline in the converted format.

File converted to PPS format

View Any File Type Online for Free

It won’t be wrong to say that you can view files from virtually any major file format with DocsPal. To view a file switch to the View Files tab, upload a file or use a URL to detect one and click View.

Upload files to DocsPal

This will make the file viewable online. Unlike DocsPal does have a downside for viewing Office files. With we were able to view our uploaded PowerPoint presentation with animations, however, you can’t expect such perks using DocsPal; nonetheless, it serves as a reasonable web app for viewing and converting documents from formats that can rival very few services, perhaps CloudConvert being one of the closest.

You can also share your uploaded file by clicking the Link option. Uploaded documents remain available for 5 days.

View files online from any format

So, whether you need to convert your audio file to a format suitable for your iPhone, or want to view your office documents online, DocsPal is the pal you need.

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