Drawing a 3D Cone in PowerPoint

In PowerPoint you can draw a cone using shapes. This article will explain you how to draw a 3D Cone for diagrams so you can use the cone to represent different funnel diagrams in PowerPoint or just the cone as a geometrical image.

First, we will create a 3D Cone using two basic shapes, the triangle and ellipse.

Drawing a 3D Cone in PowerPoint

Then we can add some gradient effects and styles to simulate the 3D shape.

Then you can group the shapes and get a final cone shape combined by two basic shapes.

3d cone

Cones are great tool to illustrate processes including the funnel channel diagram used by Google Analytics and other statistical tools. You can use cones for other complex diagrams including filtering down process for any organization, for example to illustrate the flow of information from top managers to the bottom of an organizational structure.