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After years of anticipation Microsoft has finally released Office apps for iPad, including PowerPoint, Word and Excel. But all isn’t milk and honey for iPad users. Let’s explore the capabilities and limitations of Office for iPad.

Note: You can download MS Office apps for iPad from the links given at the end of this post.

Microsoft Office For iPad

Microsoft Word for iPad

The Word app for iPad like the other Office apps released by Microsoft, provides viewing support for native file formats like DOC and DOCX files, as well as OneDrive integration. But you will require a fully functional Office 365 subscription to make full use of all Office apps including this one.

Microsoft Word for iPad

Microsoft Excel for iPad

Like the Word app, Excel too has view only capability, unless you are an office 365 user. The View tab is by default the only active tab and you can show or hide the Formula Bar, Headings, Gridlines and Sheet tabs. Something else that works without a subscription is the ability to freeze panes.

Microsoft Excel for iPad

Microsoft PowerPoint for iPad

This app like the others supports native file formats. What’s good about this app is that it allows users to render slideshows like the desktop version of PowerPoint. And an account with a subscription can allow you to really get creative on an iPad device by making use of the plethora of options available via the Home, Insert, Slide Show, Transitions, Shape and Review tabs.

Microsoft PowerPoint for iPad

Microsoft Delivers Office for iPad But Falls Short of Expectations

While Microsoft has delivered some fine Office apps for iPad, it has fallen short of user expectations. It’s not the functionality of the apps that users have to take with a pinch of salt but rather the limitations.

While the PowerPoint, Word and Excel apps are free to download for iPad users, they are only good for viewing files, unless you have a subscription for Office365. It is only with a $99 yearly Office 365 subscription that you can use the complete Office suite on iPad. This is quite unfortunate considering that there are various apps and workarounds for the Office suite. In fact, we also covered a post about the 10 Best Apps That Bring PowerPoint on iPad. Moreover, many alternatives like QuickOffice are available for free. If you would like to try out the new Office apps, you can download them from the links given below.

Go to Download Microsoft Word for iPad

Go to Download Microsoft Excel for iPad

Go to Download Microsoft PowerPoint for iPad

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