Delivering A Remarkable Quinceanera Speech

For those who love to live their lives to the fullest, family gatherings are a mere reason to share happiness and raise a toast to the moments of togetherness. One such important event that has been prevalent for several years now, is quinceanera that marks the occasion when a girl turns fifteen years of age. More than being a gesture, it is a tradition that shows that the girl is accepted as a respected lady in the community.


In different nations, it is understood by varying terms. And, just like the names used for addressing quince vary across different cultures, so does the way of celebration. Take for instance, cities with extensive Hispanic population in US. These involve large scale celebrations as preparations take around a year. Be it a boutique or a church; everybody is called up to make the celebration grand. However, if the family is occupied with preparations, then how can the guest of honor of that event be left out of the celebrations? Yes! If you are the honoree, you are expected to present a quinceanera speech to express your gratitude towards your padrinos and make them feel equally special.

But, before you jump to conclusion, hang on and take a while to get acquainted with the points that need to be remembered when delivering a quinceanera speech, as discussed below:

  • Keep it Casual: When giving a quince speech, do keep in mind that your audience is your friends and family, who have known you for the longest period of time. So, instead of articulating things, keep the script original by quoting beautiful instances of your life so as to tell them how they complete your life.
  • Prepare in Advance: As you must be aware of the occasion in advance, so it is suggested to begin your preparations at an early stage. From everything ranging from arranging a beautiful dress to organizing your thoughts in a proper frame; every aspect deserves proper attention.
  • Know Where to Draw the Line: When raising your quinceanera toast, being informal is acceptable but, it does not imply that you forget your limits and end up hurting others or embarrassing your own self. Thus, add humor wisely and draw a fine line of sophistication when presenting your ideas before the gathering.

Giving a quince speech is all about thanking the most special people of your life and admiring their support during the ups and downs of your life. So stay natural, be confident and magnificently present your thoughts so as to sway your audience with the flow.

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