Create Text Or Code Files With Real Time Online Collaboration Using QikPad

If you are making a code file on the fly and are worried about loosing your data or require online collaboration with another programmer, then it might be time to use a cloud service to get the job done more efficiently. QikPad is a free web app for collaborating with other users on the fly to work on a document, project or code file. QikPad requires no sign up and the text written by each author is highlighted in a different color to help users differentiate between the work done by each collaborator. The available options allow creating a simple text document which can not only be useful for creating code files but can also be used for exchanging footnotes for something like a PowerPoint presentation.

For example, if you require working on a code file with a co-worker who is working from another location, simply head over to QikPad and click on New QikPad.


This will open a notepad like document online with basic options for creating a text document or code file. When you begin typing text it will be displayed in a specific color (e.g. Pink). You can enter your author name from the Show Connected Users option, from the left-side of the toolbar. In case you do not wish to highlight your typed text with a color, select the Clear Authorship Color option.

Write Code

To allow another user to collaborate with you, send him/her the filename (e.g. 8RSEBWG1BJ). The filename is made up of the last few characters of the URL, e.g. if the URL is “”, then your filename will be 8RSEBWG1BJ.

File Name

The second user can access the file via browser by going to QikPad and entering the filename in the “create/open a QikPad with the name” text box. This will open the document for the second user and allow him/her to make changes which will be shown to both users simultaneously. The second user can also enter a name to distinguish his work from the Show Connected Users option. Each author who contributes to the document will be assigned a different color so that all connected users can clearly see the contribution by each author for the document.

Second User

This editor can be used as a free collaboration tool for a group of people to prepare the draft or outline of their presentations in PowerPoint or any other presentation software.

Hence, multiple users can collaborate online without the need to sign up for an account, instantly see text updates, create a code file with real-time collaboration and share footnotes on a project. You can also use the Share QikPad (“+” Button) to share your document via your social media profiles.

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