How to Make a Song Play Through a PowerPoint

Almost all of us are aware that attractiveness of a PowerPoint presentation can be enhanced by adding striking visual effects, colors, text patterns, background effects and animation schemes etc, but not many of you might be aware about the method to add music files or songs into a presentation.

Song or music can be added to a slide in two different ways including

  1. Automatically, on display of a particular slide.
  2. When you click sound icon over a particular slide.

Steps to add Sound play directly

  1. Initially, user needs to open the slide wherein song is to be added.
  2. Go to insert menu, click on media clip and choose sound option.
  3. Now, you need to select the folder containing audio file which is to be inserted.
  4. Double-click on the file and your song will automatically be included into it.
  5. Following which a message will be flashed stating how you would like to play the sound in the slide show with two different buttons stating automatically or when clicked.
  6. To play music or song automatically, click on ‘automatically option’, whereas to play song on the click of mouse, opt for ‘when clicked’ button.

Your song has been embedded into your presentation and is ready to be played.

Steps to add sound files with the help of clip organizer

  1. If you need to add sound file through clip organizer, then click on sound from clip organizer.
  2. Here you can also search in different collections grouped under different categories.
  3. Select any preferred format from the available drop down list including AIFF format, AU format, MP3 format, wave sound, Window Media Audio File etc.
  4. Users can easily include certain wild card characters while they are searching for a file in clip organizer.

Customizing your Song or Adjust Settings

  1. Settings of audio clip can easily be altered by right clicking on the sound button present in menu bar and selecting Custom Animation option.
  2. Click on arrow appearing in the Custom Animation list present in task pane and select desired Effect options.
  3. Users are free to apply changes into entire document or within a single presentation slide.
  4. In case, you want to end the music of a particular slide, choose stop playing option present under effect tab.

Presenter can stop sound file on mouse click by default.

In order to stop the music after completion of slide, choose after current slide option.

If in case, you need to play sound for many slides, select the total number of slides for which music is required and then click after option or you can learn more on how to add a background sound to PowerPoint presentation. Sound would be stopped after ending of your total selected slides.

Adding music via CD is also possible and can be added by selecting Play CD Audio Track option popping up in drop down of sound.

Now you are equipped with adequate knowledge for adding song to a presentation. Use these methods and add sound effects to your PowerPoint.