Create Gauges In MS PowerPoint And MS Excel With BeGraphic Add-in

BeGraphic is an add-in for MS PowerPoint and MS Excel that allows users to create and add gauges to PowerPoint presentations and Excel sheets. With BeGraphic you can create speedometers, odometers, tachometers, and other types of gauges, with logos, user defined shapes and needle types,  alerts, labels, etc.

Gauges & Meters Free dashboard in Excel and PowerPoint begraphic

When you run the BeGraphic setup, it alerts you if any of the prerequisites are not installed on your computer or if you are using an unsupported version of MS PowerPoint and Excel. It even provides a download link to fetch certain files which may be required to run this add-in. Once the prerequisites are complete you can proceed with the installation wizard or check the “Continue setup even if all prerequisites are not installed” option if you believe that a specific item is not required.


When you launch BeGraphic for the first time you will get the option to either start it automatically with Excel or to manually start this add-in with MS Excel. In case of the latter you will require launching BeGraphic via an icon that will be made on your desktop and added to the Windows start menu. After the setup wizard completes you may also require “optionally” specifying a proxy (if applicable).

Start Excel Automatically

Once launched, head over to the BeGraphic tab within MS Excel to create your gauge. During the process of creating the gauge you will be asked to configure the various parameters required to create your desired meter.

Create Guage

During the creation of a gauge you can also Enable advanced mode for a detailed overview of the values for the gauge.

Guage Values

After your gauge has been created it can be added to MS Excel or PowerPoint files. It is worth mentioning here that BeGraphic has a lite (free) and paid version (worth $268.88). The free version is limited to Microsoft Excel, whereas the paid version provides additional features such as chart libraries and PowerPoint integration. Even with the lite version you can also create interactive maps and infographics (other than gauges).

Using BeGraphic you can easily generate gauges, half gauge, quarter gauge diagrams for your PowerPoint dashboards, Excel Dashboard and presentation templates. You can use the gauges generated by BeGraphic to decorate your project dashboard and get some inspiration from the examples in this article. Creating a dashboard in PowerPoint is possible with this king of data visualization tools.

Begraphic Guage

For a demonstration regarding the use of this add-in, see the developer’s video given below.

BeGraphic add-in works with MS PowerPoint and MS Excel 2010 and is not compatible with older versions such as MS Office 2007.

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