Create Books Online And Get A Paperback Copy With Blurb

Blurb is an online service which makes it possible for anyone to create a book online and to get a paperback copy of it. You can even create books using custom features, by using the Blurb desktop application for Windows or Mac or by using an Adobe InDesign plugin. Created books can even be sold on the Blurb Store. You can use Blurb to also create anything from e-books, photo books, Facebook or Instagram books, Cook books, Weeding Books, to Brochures, Magazines, Notebooks, and Planners. You can use a wide variety of sources to create your publication including photo albums, articles, PowerPoint presentations, research data (watch out for copyrights), graphs, diagrams and the like.

Beautiful photo books and book printing

Create Books Using Desktop Application, Web App or Adobe Indesign Plugin

To get started with Blurb, simply click the Make a Book option from the home page, after which you will be provided with three book making tools. You can either use an easy to use template, use the desktop application (Blurb Booksmart) to create a fully customized book with text and layouts or opt for the Adobe InDesign plugin. For the purpose of this post, we will show you how to create a book using the online book maker.

Select Book Making Tool

Create Books From Facebook And Instagram Photos

In the next step you can opt for Facebook or Instagram, to create a book from your online pictures. This is ideal for creating photo books from your online albums.

Instagram and Facebook

Once you have selected a preferred service, simply login to your account, authorize access to Blurb, after which you will require adding an Album title and the Author’s name.

Select Album Name

You will be provided with a preview of how the publication will appear, with all the pages that it might contain. you can click on each page to get a preview of it and also select the cover type, (e.g.  Softcover, Hardcover ImageWrap or Hardcover DustJacket).

Edit Book

After verifying your settings, click Ready to Order or choose Edit Book to make changes.

Edit Book

Order A Paperback Copy For Your Book

In the last step you will require selecting the type of material that you would like the book to be in and send your order for processing. The amount that will be charged is listed on the check out page. You can also sell your book in the Blurb Store. During the book making steps you will be asked to sign up or login for an account. Before you are able to process your order you will require logging in with a Blurb account.

Check Out

Blurb Application For Windows And Mac OS X

Similarly, you can create and order books using the Windows or Mac app or use the Adobe InDesign Plugin to create your very own masterpiece. When using the desktop app you can start with a new book or open an exsisiting book. The application also lists recently opened books.

Blurb Booksmart

This way, you can create books, order physical copies and share them with anyone. There is no boundary regarding the type of book you wish to create and all that is required is some imagination. To get started with your very own book by visiting the link given below.

Go to Blurb

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