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Last updated on September 22nd, 2023

Stampsy is a unique online sharing platform that takes users far ahead of PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi or even the WordPress Platform. It is for all kinds of people who may be interested in curating or reading quality content related to various topics. You will be particularly pleased with Stampsy if you like experimenting around with photography or editing and wish to use your art skills with the help of a feature rich content curation tool. Stampsy provides various handy touch tools that can help you create compelling digital content which may be used for a variety of purposes. For example, you can use Stampsy to organize your digital photos to create an interesting PowerPoint like presentation with different slides or use your storytelling and visual expression skills to bring digital content to life. Content created using Stampsy can be easily shared across the web as each “Stamp” is allocated a unique URL.


Create Digital Content With Text, Photos, Videos And Effects

The Stampsy app can be installed on an iPad device from where you can begin creating your digital content by setting a heading, body text, byline and adding videos and photos. You can add various “Stamps” (slides) to your project, set a background, add effects and use the handy touch tools to make your stamps standout.

Stampsy Stamps

Tell Your Story in The Form Of Unique Stamps

Whether you are an avid tweeter, a Tumblr or WordPress blogger or simply have a nag for telling stories using images, Stampsy is just the right tool for you. With Stampsy you can not only create and share your own content but also search and follow Stamps from other users. Using this platform you can not only produce your own unique digital content but also make relevant content from other users as a part of your profile.Stampsy is like a kiosk where you can find magazines and stamps related to your interest and also publish your own ideas with a wide audience.

Stampsy Profile

Enhance Your Stamps With Third Party Widgets

At Stampsy you can not only add the available effects when making Stamps but also make use of third-party widgets to add features to your stamps and magazines to make them extra special.

Publish Stamp

Share Stamps And Magazines

After your Stamp is complete you can share it with other users using your unique URL. other users can read, like, and comment on your stamps and also follow you to keep an eye on the content that you publish.

Share Stamp

A Detailed Overview of Stampsy

It is fair to say that Stampsy is a cross between blogging, social media networks and presentation applications. However, if you would like to get a detailed overview of what Stampsy is all about, then see the developer’s video given below.

The Stampsy app for iPad requires iOS 6.0 or later and currently does not work with any other iOS device. At the moment Stampsy only supports a login using your Facebook profile.

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