Create And Integrate Help Menu In Any Windows Software With Help Generator

Last updated on October 4th, 2023

Help Generator is a Windows application for creating CHM help files. It is useful for software developers and people who may require creating the documentation for Windows based applications. It comes with a Microsoft Office style editor as well as a screenshot capturing utility known as Help Capture. With the help of these tools you can author Windows help files in the standard CHM format, which is the original file type used for creating (Windows) help files.

After installation, you can either launch the Help Capture tool for capturing screenshots or open the Help Editor tool to begin creating your documentation. Help Editor provides all basic options that you are likely to find in MS office applications such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint.

The tabs located on the ribbon menu can be used for adding images, tables, hyperlinks and for formatting text according to your desired layout. As seen from the below screenshot, you can create elaborate topic pages with title, screenshots and separate sections to form a help menu for a Windows based software.

The pages generated by Help Generator are automatically added to your selected application, therefore you can not only create but also integrated the help menu documentation for a specific software.


Similarly, the Help Capture tool acts as a complimentary addition to the Help Editor tool and can be used to grab instant screenshots to integrate with your help menu documentation. With Help Capture you can customize HTML output to select specific information that gets captured for documentation, add descriptive text to prefabricated sections, as well as automatically save and name your captured screenshots.

Help Capture tool

Help Generator can either be downloaded as a standalone application (with Help Editor and Help Capture tool) or you can download alternative versions for development platforms such as Visual, MS Access and Visual Basic 6.0. Help Generator individual add-ins and bundles cost $49-$399, (depending on the version that you wish to purchase). You can download any Help Generator add-in or bundle on a 30 day trial basis. Help Generator works with:

  • Windows XP (SP 3)
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

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