Coronavirus Infographic Template for PowerPoint

With the rise of Covid-19, everyone is being affected in some way. Not only do people have to work from home or maintain strict protocols for doing business or their job but also need to periodically raise awareness at a personal level. If you need to create presentations, infographics or slideshows for your business related to Covid-19, you can use Coronavirus Infographic Template for PowerPoint to make your job easy.

Edit Slides to Create Coronavirus Infographics

With this Coronavirus themed template, you can easily create animated presentations and infographics. You can even save the latter as an image file to generate Covid-19 infographics according to need.

coronavirus powerpoint template

11 out of the 20 slides in this template provide resources for making infographic slides, including an icon slide which provides Coronavirus related symbols. You can get instructions for editing the animated slides from the remaining 9 slides.

coronavirus virus infographic template for powerpoint

Discuss Covid-19 Information in Just a Few Slides

Using the various layouts in this template you can depict a comparison of patients, symptoms between Covid-19 or the common flu and discuss other virus-related signs, prevention tips and isolation protocols.

virus comparison chart

The sample slides give you the utility to quickly create customizable infographics and general awareness related diagrams.

coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus Icons & Clipart

The icon slide at the end of the template is very handy for copying high-quality symbols for editing and creating Coronavirus infographics. You can also resize and recolor the Coronavirus and health themed icons given in this slide. Apart from these icons, you can also use the different clipart images across this template to illustrate key points related to your presentation topic. The objects can be copied and selected individually in each slide, including the Coronavirus related imagery.

covid 19 clipart

You can download this and other premium Covid-19 presentation templates, clipart and animations from PresenterMedia.

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