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Project management and online collaboration services are being quite commonly developed for enterprise use. In previous posts we have reviewed many online collaboration web services such as Yodiz, Salespod and Asana. In fact, we even made a list of 5 impressive project management services. Recently, we came across iCoordinator, which is an online collaboration platform.

iCoordinator has been described by the developer as your collaboration nervous system which clearly explains what the service is essentially about. The kind of data that can be derived via iCoordinator can also be used to present in PowerPoint presentations, as its activity planner provides Gantt chart functionality.

Multiple Workspaces And Easy Management

With iCoordinator you can create multiple workplaces to coordinate with colleagues online and manage all your created workspaces from a single place. iCoordinator helps better organize tasks by allowing you to keep separate organizational and departmental workspaces.


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Website Management And Planning

With iCoordinator you can connect  your website made using WordPress, Joomla, Magneto and the like. This can give you more enhanced functionality for managing your website and integrating new features to it. iCoordinator provides default integration with Drupal to deliver a more robust website management experience.

The document management functionality of iCoordinator provides web based document management like Google Drive and allows users to edit and manage files by collaborating online.

Project Planning

Project And Activity Planning

With iCoordinator you can plan anything from your projects to your daily office activities. The activity planner can be used to plan and keep track of your scheduled activities.

You can track your projects both at the organizational or departmental level so that the available information is not badly mixed up or difficult to organize. iCoordinator provides all types of commonly sought features for file management, such as folder based file storage.

Furthermore, you can even import and export of MS Project plans within your activity planner, which gives you the complete functionality found in interactive Gantt Charts.

Gantt Charts

Unfortunately, iCoordinator does not provide a free version or something very concrete to test drive the service. This is why you can only ask for a demo by contacting the developer. It must be noted that iCoordinator currently appears to be undergoing development and we might see more features and perhaps a free version in the near future. If you wish to purchase a package, you can opt for either the Team (€4 per user / month), Project (€7 per user / month) or Business Edition (€10 per user / month).

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