Construction PowerPoint Template With Handyman Animation

PowerPoint templates are hardest to find for topics related to construction, repair and allied services. The Install Your Sign PowerPoint Template is a well-crafted animated template which can be used for such topics and others. With this template you can create PowerPoint Presentations about a construction project, a roadmap for completing a construction project, an introductory slide about your repair service, an academic slide about development and construction, etc.

Customizable Handyman Animation

The template starts off with the animation of a handyman installing a sign. This animation can be easily customized by adding a logo, title, subtitle or image. This video slide also comes with a sample textbox with instructions about how to customize this animated slide.

handyman animation for powerpoint

Slides With Diverse Layouts And Useful Construction Themed Content

The following slides come with a range of useful clipart, images and slide layouts that can be useful for crafting an attractive presentation. The sample layouts provide everything from editable charts, to comparison and picture layouts. You can optionally perform minor or comprehensive changes to each of these sample slides and their layouts.

construction clipart

You can easily edit these sample slides and duplicate them to quickly create a meaningful presentation. For example, the content page given below comes with a nice sample design and is also highly customizable. You can not only quickly create a slide by simply adding a title and some text but even change the sample image or customize the given frame.

content page with construction workers

Similarly, the picture slide shown in the below screenshot can be customized to match your presentation topic. This sample slide shows various construction icons, which can also be copied across different slides. Furthermore, you can also fetch similar icons from the clipart slide in this template.

picture page layout with construction icons

This animated template is available for both PowerPoint for PC and Mac, including the following versions:

  • PowerPoint for PC 2003-2013
  • PowerPoint for Mac 2008-2011

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