Desktop Northwind Sample Access Database Template

Every business needs a database that would allow them to record and navigate through their files, reports, sales and other information. Having a comprehensive database for recording transactions, creating reports, storing client and employee information, and many other things, can help you become more organized and therefore productive.

Easily Input Records and Access Data

The Desktop Northwind Sample Access Database Template is a comprehensive and professionally designed Access database that you can use to manage your business inventory, orders, customers, purchasing, suppliers, shipping, and also your employees. This Sample Access Database Template is ideal for small business operations involved in selling goods and even services to many clients.

Navigate Through Various Transactions and Reports

What’s great about this Access template is that it allows for multiple access credentials and privileges. As soon as you open the Access file, you will be prompted to log in, therefore protecting sensitive and confidential information. You can also allow only a certain number of people to gain access to certain information through this profile login system. This way, anyone involved in purchasing can only access purchasing information and the same goes with other functions.

Protect Sensitive Company Information

If you have a number of suppliers whose records you want to keep track of, this Desktop Northwind Sample Access Database Template can help you with that. Not only that; you can also keep a well-maintained record of your shippers, clients and employee so you have their contact information and transaction history for reference.

The Inventory List lets you do inventory management easily, while linking your data to your Orders and Purchasing. You can add products, allocate inventory, and track inventory items that need to be ordered from suppliers. This way, you can be on top of your product supply and anticipate any order requirements by your business.

Generate Various Reports Accurately

This Access Database Template also contains a wide array of reports with frequencies ranging from weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually. You can also create Invoice, Sales Report, Product Sales Category, an Yearly Sales Report. You can also view your Top Ten Biggest Orders. This data will help you plan for your next step and create sales strategy and marketing plans.

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