Comparison and Contrast Essays

Comparing or contrasting any writing is often called as Comparison or contrast essay.  The only difference in these two essays is the citing similarities and differences. Yes, in comparing essay we emphasize similarity while in contrast we emphasize dissimilarity. Usually, these types of ways are helpful when you are required to make any decision or you need to choose any one out of two. For instance, should we go by bus or by car, Where to continue studies, should I choose science stream or arts, etc. In these types of situations we generally employ these methods. Undoubtedly, this technique has been proved beneficial also.

However, there are several ways to write these essays, but the major problem is of its structure it should not be varied in any way. Just because of structure several wonderful essays become victim of woes of ill structure. Thus, you need to be very careful while crafting your compare and contrast an essay. Go through certain rules on how to write compare contrast essay. You can find many different examples on the Internet and especially you can use the comparison and contrast essay as a tool to use in your PowerPoint presentations.

Here we are discussing two general methods of these essay writings; you can choose any one of these you find suitable.

A first approach to Comparison and Contrast Essays


Your introduction should open with a quotation, anecdote or generalization as we start other speeches and connect it to thesis.

Topic 1

Contrast and comparison cover two topics in which you illustrate how these two are similar or different from each other. Thus in this topic you will discuss about topic one completely and here you may have one or more phrases. But don’t mention any thing about the second topic.

Topic 2

Here you will completely talk about the second topic and can have any number of phrases and don’t discuss anything about first topic.

Write Topic 1 and Topic 2 together

After analyzing both topics independently, analyze them together here. And again this section may have one or more paragraphs.


Like introduction, conclusion should also be generalized. Here you need to reveal absolute knowledge on subject and to prove your observation you need to reaffirm.

Another alternative approach to Comparison and Contrast Essays


Open your introduction generally, like other essays and link it to thesis. You may use quotation and anecdote also.

Similarities of Topic 1 and 2

In this section, compare both the essays and write their similarities. These should be at least three in numbers and put them into different paragraphs separately for clear illustration. By giving example you can explain more clearly.

Difference of Topic 1 and 2

Here you will mention all the differences between both the topics. In short here you will give contrast of both the topics. Again these contrasts should be at least three in number and make small paragraph for each contrast.


Wrap every point you have proved above in your discussion in this conclusion and give a professional look to your writing here. And yes, be confident while writing thesis.

In this way you can write comparison and contrast easy successfully.

Here are few examples of compare and contrasts:

  • Running your own business or working for an organization?
  • Five days trip to Amazon or vacation in Paris?
  • Something is always better than nothing.
  • It’s better late than never.

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