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It is fun to join clubs or organizations. Not only will you be engaged in many activities with people who have the same interests as you; you will also be able to widen your social connections and even business networks. There are many clubs for your community that you can join depending on what your hobbies and interests are. There are photography, cooking, book, entrepreneur or business, gardening, and many other clubs that you can join.

Keep Track of Your Members’ Dues

Every club has its own rules, though. Some clubs also require a membership fee, or club dues that you need to pay, whether one-time, annually, or even monthly. If you have a club and you want to keep track of your members’ dues payments, then you would find this Club Dues Tracker for Excel Online very helpful and convenient.

Keep Track of Your Club Membership and Club Dues

Being in Excel Online, the template is highly convenient and very much accessible even when you are on the go. All you need is your Microsoft account to log in using any browser on any mobile device. You can even opt to save the template to your computer and edit or personalize it from there.

Automatically Calculate and Display Dues Payments and Overdue Members

Create Member Logs

The template allows you to make a log of the members that join your club. Along with their membership come the payments and then the template also calculates when each of these members’ payments are due.

First, you record on the table in the Dues Tracker tab the Name of the member, Email, Phone, Date Joined, Total Paid, and Total Due. This information are then displayed on the bar graph that automatically refreshes as you type your details on the table below. In this graph, you will see at first glance if there are due payments and how much they are. The chart uses various colors to symbolize paid and due membership fees.

Log Dues and Ensure that Your Club Members Have Paid on Time

To track dues for your club members using this free template, see the link given below.

Go to Club Dues Tracker for Excel Online

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