Free Certificate Template for PowerPoint 2010 & 2013

If you have a special requirement for an event that requires an award or printable certificate then this free editable and printable certificate template for PowerPoint can be very useful for your particular occasion. You can customize this free certificate template and use it for classroom, company certification like the best year employee award or any other particular occasion.

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You can use this free certificate PowerPoint template to make awesome printable certificates in quality paper. The free editable certificate template is for PowerPoint so you can use this popular tool to prepare your certifications and diploma. Of course you can also use other tools like Publisher or Inkscape to design your own diploma or online diploma templates.

To customize this certificate template you can replace the name on top of the diploma and then the name for the mentor or mentoring representative.

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You can also change the first text string before Certificate to say something likeĀ award of merit, in recognition of a job well done. If you are editing this template for a company use, then you can replace the Company Name text inside the red seal. If you are not comfortable using PowerPoint to edit the diploma then you can find editable diploma online tools and generators.

Free Certificate PowerPoint Template (87001 downloads)

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