Celestial Background Template For PowerPoint

Topics related to astronomy, astrology, space, design, or other similar topics would need presentation templates that relate to them. In this case, you would need presentation slides that have the elements of the sky, space, stars and celestial bodies

Dark yet Beautiful Celestial Background PowerPoint Template

If you need to find such a presentation, you can use this Celestial Background Template for PowerPoint, which has a dark background that resembles the night sky and subtle round shapes that look like measurements of stars or orbits in the sky. This template has a design that gives it a mysterious appeal, much like the mysteries of space and the stars in it.

This Celestial Background Template, even with a dark background, lets your content stand out because of its bold white text. Also, the subtle images on the background are clear enough to give the background texture interest without clashing with your text and other presentation content.

Use Various Slide Layouts to Complete Your Presentation

If you want to build your presentation around the sample cover slide, you can add more slides. Simply click on New Slide to populate the many slide layout options that you can use to make your presentations brief, interesting, cohesive, and of course, informative. These layouts allow you to present your data in the form of text or lists, tables, charts, diagrams, photos, images and many more. These slides still contain the same background to make your whole PowerPoint presentation look uniform.

If you want to customize your slides to suit your branding or your own preferences, you can click on the Design menu in the Ribbon. Here, you can choose more Themes, Colors, Fonts and Effects that will further represent you in your presentation. Aside from this, you can also choose Background Styles to tweak your celestial background design.

Choose From Many Designs and Themes to Suit Your Preference

This template is perfect for school projects or class reports, academic presentations, research findings, and other similar education themes. You can also use this template in business, especially if your industry involves aeronautics, engineering, space, travel, astronomy, etc.

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