Caspio Bridge: Platform To Build Web Apps And Cloud Databases Without Coding

Caspio Bridge is a cloud database and web application building platform by Caspio Inc, which allows users to build web apps without the need for coding. Caspio Bridge has primarily been designed for less Tech savvy users and IT pros so that they can create web based forms, web applications and cloud databases for enterprise and individual use. As this platform does not require coding, you can build your required applications using point-and-click wizards. Caspio provides users with a wide range of tutorials to help them build custom applications by combining various types of web forms, widgets, etc. This can help users circumvent the need for creating reports, charts, PowerPoint presentations and other types of manual statistical data representation documents, as stats can be recorded online automatically.

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While Caspio Bridge is a paid service, you can try out this platform by signing up with a new account. The trial period is available for 14 days. The best part of this 14 day trial is that users do not require providing any type of billing information and can even sign up with common email accounts, (instead of a corporate email account).

Sign Up

Once your account is created and verified, you can login to begin using Caspio Bridge. The right-sidebar provides users with the option to watch online tutorials, read how-to articles, take part in social forums related to Caspio Bridge, as well as request live training sessions, project consultations or a ready-made web application.

Caspio Bridge Dashboard

The window on the left comes with some sample files and provides the option to use simple wizards to build data pages, tables, upload files and to add various styles to your project.

Style Wizard

The below video tutorial demonstrates how you can create a web form using Caspio Bridge. You can see other tutorials from the developer’s website.

Caspio Bridge has four packages, namely the Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large package. The packages cost between $50-$1100 per month, depending upon the reserved data transfer rate and add-ons.

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  1. I really like Caspio. It has provided me with many upfront solutions that would have taken me months to program with Angular Javascript or any other database solution.

    Trust me, even the most mundane tasks like validating the information in a form are ridiculously complex. Caspio skips the majority of that stuff so you can deal with other bs!

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