Building Mobile Applications Presentation and Open Course Online

Progressive Mobile applications

As time goes by, mobile application development industry is reaching new heights. In today’s scenario, with a huge success of smart phones mobile technology has increased an array of opportunities for businesses to invest in this flourishing market.

Advanced ways of delivering presentation

In order to deliver an effective presentation, there are enormous presentation applications available online that provide users the instruments needed to devise information to be shared with an offline or online general people as photo montages, videos or slideshows.

Based on world wide popularity, here are some popular free presentation applications:

Slide  In order to upload and share PowerPoint presentations, it is an online service that form outstanding applications and embed them into your website and blog.

Voice Thread: It enables commoners to leave comments using text and voice. From any web browser, you can easily use this service to navigate slideshows and over 50 diverse kinds of media can be effectively used in a voice thread.

Live presentations: With the help of this network enabled presentation authoring app, one can easily build high quality presentations without panicking about the operating system compatibilities. Certainly professional presentations will amaze your audiences.

Prezi:  This is the finest presentation tool that helps your sharing your ideas beautifully.  It allows anyone to make presentations with zooming into details and relations.

Open Course Ware Online

To increase human learning all over the world, the open course ware movement introduced in 1999.  The main motive behind its inception is that it would enable students to become more engaged during the lecture.  The OCW is actually an open digital publication which is totally free of cost and does not offer access to faculty.

The oldest establishment of higher learning in US, Harvard University boasts an open course ware course called Computer Science E-76.  Even if you are not a student at this prestigious school, you can easily take up this course via internet.

Significance of OCW

MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology is the main promoter of open course ware and its main beneficiaries are faculty members, participating universities and self learners.

The major advantage of this program is that it provides free online classes and acts as link between educators and teachers all across the universe. Not just this, it attracts potential students and encourages invention.

For a richer scholar experience, OCW is often mixed with other types of learning and does the work as life altering resource for those students who don’t have admission to higher education.

Do you want to enroll yourself for this program me? If so, then go ahead! Get yourself ready to feel the huge positive difference!

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