Business Currency Design PowerPoint Template

When it comes to business presentations, you have to keep in mind that your theme must look professional, with subtle and complementing elements that do not look gaudy or over-the-top. Your presentation must look good enough but it shouldn’t distract your audience from your important message or from the critical facts in your slides.


The Business Currency Design PowerPoint Template is a great-looking template that you can use for all kinds of business presentations; especially for financial topics. This is because the template’s theme looks like currency due to its graphical patterns.

The finance themed template features a moss green background with a subtle gradient effect. It also has an orange accent as seen on the Title Pages curved overlay, which has floral patterns. There are also lines along the overlay, resembling those of currency.

The template also has 10 inside slides, which contain various layouts and slide designs. These showcase the different ways how you can use the template to present all kinds of data in a professional-looking and concise manner.


There are layouts for the title and for inserting lists, texts, graphs, charts, diagrams, images, and many more. You can also create your own layout using the many blank slide designs available in the template.

Furthermore, you can add animations to make the presentation look even more lively and to add more interesting visuals to your presentation. You can also add transitions between slides to create a smooth flow throughout your presentation.


You can reuse this template as many times as you need, for all your business presentations. This template is also perfect for finance-related topics, such as financial plans, sales pitches, expense reports, and many more.

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