Will The Changes in OS X Mavericks Affect PowerPoint For Mac?

With users getting somewhat skeptical about introducing the OS X Mavericks on grounds of its compatibility with their gadgets; there are other issues which might attract your attention too. When we consider the question about the latest changes in Mac OS X Mavericks and its effect on PowerPoint Presentations for Mac, the answers are somewhat varied.

Mac OS X Mavericks

When Apple made this operating system free for its users, their joy really knew no bounds; however, this joy was short lived.

Speed Issues

When you are hunting for upgrades, the objective is often better OS performance, this might not be the case for Mavericks. Your presentations might get stuck or will consume more time, both in the creation as well as execution stage. Loading takes place really slow and might make the presentation process extra laborious.

Bugs Come As Freebies

Looks like Apple did not test this Operating System thoroughly before launching it in the market. People are now refraining from downloading this OS, even though it is free. What bugs might MS Office programs like PowerPoint might face is still difficult to anticipate; however, in the wake of the current complaints about OS performance, the outlook doesn’t look good.

Compatibility Issues

Some features of your old applications might not work in the new Operating System; although the developers have solved some of these problems, yet there are few yet to be fixed. These issues or potential problems that one might face can result in a delay of official work such as the creation of time sensitive presentations.


There are many features which will catch rhythm over a period of time; users are avoiding downloading Mavericks right away. To ensure that your PowerPoint presentations don’t suffer from performance issues, it might be worth delaying the upgrade, until Mavericks becomes more efficient and the various issues in the OS are ironed out.

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