Best Color Picker For Designers And Presenters

Using a color picker or eye dropper is essential for designers to create color palettes, UI designs, themes, and templates for websites, presentation slides and apps. While many applications like PhotoShop and CorelDraw come with a built-in color picker, web and application development tools don’t. If you are looking for a good color picker then you might find the following tools quite useful.

Best Color Pickers


Pixie is an easy to use color picker which is meant to offer the very basic utility for Graphic and Web Designers. With Pixie you can point anywhere on your desktop to acquire the Hex, RGB, CMYK, HTML and HSV values and reproduce the selected color in different programs, be it a PowerPoint presentation, Adobe PhotoShop project or a development app.

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Just Color Picker

Nothing beats the utility that a portable app can provide, as it requires no installation and can be run even from a USB drive. Just Color Picker is a potable Windows color picker which is ideal for Web and Graphic Designers. This app provides five different formats of color codes, with color sampling, magnifier, color lists and more. The supported color codes include; HTML, RGB, HEX, HSB/HSV, and HSL.

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Just Color Picker

Color Cop

While the above mentioned color pickers are more suitable for web and graphic designers, Color Cop can be quite useful for not only professional designers but also for people looking to create presentation templates. It identifies and represents colors in different Hex color codes and uses the Windows mixer for creating color schemes. To use Color Cop, drag the eyedropper to any location on your desktop and release to get results. While Color Cop is less flexible than most color pickers, however; it’s simple layout can help novice and intermediate users to easily create color schemes.

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Color Cop


This is a more advanced color picker that provides professional designers the option to preview and identify color values. You can pick a color from anywhere on your desktop and save color schemes, with support for more color formats than conventional color pickers and can be used as an HTML color picker, Hex color picker, with Delphi, C++ and even Microsoft Visual Basic. ColorMania supports the following:

  • HTML Color Codes (Hex/CSS)
  • Delphi Hex (Delphi Language)
  • VB Hex (Visual Basic)
  • C++ Hex : (C++)
  • RGB
  • HSV
  • HLS
  • CMY
  • CMYK

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Eye Dropper (Chrome Extension)

This is an open source Chrome extension that can be used as a web color picker. It allows picking color from webpages or conventional color pickers and is a great resource for Web Developers and Web-Designers.

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Eye Dropper for Chrome

Color Picker (Web App)

If you are looking for a web app that can serve as a web color picker, then is just what you need. This website serves as a good resource for quickly generating color schemes online.

Go to ColorPicker.Com

ColorPicker Web App

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